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Destiny Steps, Inc.


Destiny Steps, Inc.'s mission is to strengthen the foundation of families within our community and guide them along the path to self-sufficiency. Providing these families with wrap-around services that include education, job training, housing assistance, and accompanying social supports to meet their specific needs.


Destiny Steps, Inc. was founded in May of 2016, with a vision to provide child development training to individuals working with young children in early childhood and childcare settings.  In November of 2019 Destiny Steps, Inc., under the direction of Sherita Newbern, created its first training program, the Child Development Associate (CDA) Program. With the help of Charitable Allies, Inc. Destiny Steps, Inc. was able to receive its 501(C)3 non-profit status in March of 2020. As time passed, the need for training in other areas expanded this vision to include training programs geared towards transportation, culinary arts, and construction.

Destiny Steps, Inc. is very proactive in seeking out partnerships with local community organizations and businesses, for-profit and non-profit, to ensure that we can provide resources that meet the needs of the individuals enrolled in our training programs.  Since the Covid-19 pandemic has come upon us, it is now even more imperative that we focus our initiative on improving individuals' and families' lives by helping them to overcome barriers that may be hindering them from attaining self-sufficiency.

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